Yes, There’s A Net Gain In Energy Usage From Wind Farms

the average windfarm produces 20-25 times more energy during its operational life than was used to construct and install its turbines.

Good Way To Use Wind Turbines


This Is The Kind Of Investment We Need

Mining corporation Molycorp, Inc. (NYSE:MCP), is to make a “significant” investment in Boulder Wind Power, which has designed wind turbine generator that can supposedly produce electricity as cheaply as $0.04 per kilowatt-hour.


Renewable Energy Revenue Stream For U.K. Farms

Barclays surveyed 300 dairy farmers in England, Scotland and Wales this month and 60 percent said they expect renewable energy to generate revenue for their businesses, according to the statement.

We’ll see more of this as farms and landowners look for more ways to generate revenue and cut power costs. It’ll be a boon for communities as well as big manufacturers and service companies look locally for technicians and operators to maintain solar farms and turbines.

Texas Offshore Wind Project

Coastal Point Energy is on pace to purchase and place a test turbine off the coast of Galveston by the end of 2011, a milestone that could lead to completion of five wind farms along the Texas coast totaling 2,100 MW in little more than a decade, a company principal said.

Texas might beat Cape Wind when the dust clears.