Siemens Brings Winds of Change To Kansas

Siemens Brings Winds of Change To Kansas

Not Exactly Iwo Jima But Go Spartans!


“MSU Greenpeace joined forces with MSU Beyond Coal and MSU Eco, calling for an end to all dirty energy on campus and to usher in a clean, renewable energy future with sources like wind and solar power. “Raising the Turbine” has taken campus by storm! This week of action has brought students and campus community members out to participate in raising the turbine, calling on Michigan State’s President Lou Anna K. Simon and Board of Trustees to heed the call of students and switch to 100 percent renewable energy.”

Big Wind In Idaho


.. it’s “11 sites in two topographically diverse regions in southern Idaho,” according to the GE division, but despite the 70 miles between them the sites can function either as a single unit or separately, giving operators the flexibility to take advantage of efficiencies.

nice to see profit surge for wind turbine maker Vestas


Strong demand from British windfarms helped the world’s biggest turbine manufacturer, Vestas, raise profits by 25% over the past year and have boosted future prospects.