Chevy Volt Still Tops EV Sales

The Chevy Volt is still outselling other EVs, even Tesla’s Model S. It’ll be interesting to see how battery technology accelerates and how it impacts pricing.

Climate Progress had a snippet on that recently.

“investment pundits think that Tesla Motors is on the verge of achieving something big: A battery cheap enough to make electric vehicles cost-competitive with conventional cars..Motley Fool is reporting that the company is on the right track towards developing a battery that costs only $100 per kilowatt-hour — a cost widely believed to be the threshold where electric vehicles can finally be cost-competitive.”

And besides the obvious price difference, Nissan doesn’t have limits on distribution, something Tesla’s fighting in several states.

Give it a few years and we’ll be laughing even harder at the Lexus ad below.

Five Electric Cars Worth A Look

CNET posted a slideshow of some real “upstarts” in the EV space. Besides the Tesla below, I really like the aesthetics of the Venturi. Looks aside, it’s encouraging to see carmakers pushing the limits around EV development. Heck, the Tango from Commuter Cars can reach 60 mph in a mere 4 seconds.
"For our criteria, the electric car had to be capable of freeway speeds, making them useful on all U.S. roads. Of these five, some, such as Tesla, already have products for sale, while others are planning launches in the near future."
via [Photo credit: Josh Miller/CNET]

Pictured Above: Tesla — Price: $128,500

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