Tech Geeks & Cleantech Nerds

Early adopters of technology represent a goldmine of opportunity for consumer-focused cleantech companies.

Disruptive Renewal

“Companies lose control of their customers when disruptive technology enables them to interact with their products and services on their terms,” he told CIOs at Forresters Empowered event in Sydney. “When this happens, revenues are threatened and companies — unless they harness this technology and develop new products and services — fail. It’s really quite simple.”

Mulligan calls this process disruptive renewal.

A New Kind Of Publication

“I sense a big opportunity to create a new kind of publication, one that has at the center of its brand a thoughtful and deeply informed point of view. I’m not sure how such a site might become profitable in this current era of page-view driven publishing, but I’m relatively certain that could be figured out.”

I’ve pulled back on chasing some of the echo chamber discussion Batelle alludes to. I’m trying to question the “why” before looking seriously at any new developments.

Outsourcing And Automation — Good Or Bad?

“There is no reason to think that technology creates unemployment,” Professor Autor said. “Over the long run we find things for people to do. The harder question is, does changing technology always lead to better jobs? The answer is no.”


JP Morgan On Tablets

JP Morgan raised its 2011 tablet revenue estimates to $26.1 billion from $24.9 billion and 2012 estimates to $35.2 billion from $34.1 billion.

Says Barclays

So far, Apple is the “Winner in the consumerization of IT,