Mosquito Blocker That’s Solar-Powered

Just in time for summer and the arrival of the dreaded mosquito. I’m not sure about the chemical Linalool, but it’s been approved by the USDA and rumored to be more effective than Deet and Citronella. At just over $10 in the states, I can see this moving off the shelves.

"This Mosquito Blocker using a solar panel built into the top of its design to charge the rechargeable batteries allowing them to power the device after dusk. The Blacker uses a chemical called Linalool that was developed in cooperation with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This chemical has been shown to be twice as effective as DEET and even more significantly better than Citronella oil which both work to deter mosquitoes by stopping them from being able to track human scent. "



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Inhabitat Covers The Zenergy (Zero Energy) House Launch in Los Angeles

Over the last few months I received a few press releases from some of the companies that helped make the Zenergy house a reality. It’s great to see this type of momentum for more sustainable homes, but ironically I’ll be glad when launches like this come out with a little less fanfare. That’ll mean it’s moving closer to being normalized.
"The Zenergy House is a 1950’s remodel that delivers high on sustainability and low on energy use — net zero to be exact — thanks to the use of super-efficient green building strategies and solar panels on the roof."

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Geely’s Solar Hybrid

We’re really liking the latest iteration from Chinese automaker Geely. According to a press release, it’ll have a hybrid powertrain option and go more than 60 km on a battery charge.
For plug-in hybrid electric power, a relatively mature alternative energy power technology, Geely has finished its application design in serial and parallel forms and ready for mass production. Geely’s EC7 is applied with GPECs(Geely Serial Plug-in Electric) with iron phosphate battery + 1.0 L engine, 60 km range when solely by battery, launch recently; EC8 is applied GPEC (Geely Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle, parallel), good at fuel economy and dynamic performance, fitted with 2.4L engine to challenge international premium alternative energy vehicle.

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