Haven’t Tried Slacker’s iPad App


Eventbrite’s iPad-Powered Box Office


One project it is revealing today is the beginnings of what will become an Eventbrite Box Office. All Eventbrite tickets today are sold online, which means that people who decide to spontaneously show up at the door are not necessarily buying through Eventbrite. So Eventbrite is bundling together an iPad with an Eventbrite app, a card swipe, and a ticket printer so that event organizers can take payments an issue tickets at the event itself.

The Onion’s iPad App

The Onion’s lean, three-person tech team, by contrast, was able to create the publication’s iPad app in just two months, and cheaply, thanks in part to trust from the edit side, says Weston. The app is more than a glorified RSS feed: The team built it with HTML 5, made it scalable across platforms, and used “as little Apple as possible,

Roambi Looks Interesting For Visualizing Data For The iPad


Use any of the point-and-click Roambi publishing tools to quickly combine your data with our rich, visual templates, called Roambi Views. Then instantly deliver your interactive visualizations and dashboards to any iPhone or iPad.

Notesy Saves Notes To Dropbox