A Little iPad Footnote

Apple will have sold nearly 50 million before the year is out (up from 14.6 million in 2010). So a device for which there was no obvious need now has a market share of nearly 75%, and in 2015 is predicted it will have a 50% share of a world market that will apparently be 326 million tablets.

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Eventbrite’s iPad-Powered Box Office


One project it is revealing today is the beginnings of what will become an Eventbrite Box Office. All Eventbrite tickets today are sold online, which means that people who decide to spontaneously show up at the door are not necessarily buying through Eventbrite. So Eventbrite is bundling together an iPad with an Eventbrite app, a card swipe, and a ticket printer so that event organizers can take payments an issue tickets at the event itself.