Good Piece On The Demand For Coal Overseas

Coal is the cigarette of our new age, and not just because burning it causes respiratory problems. Demand for one of the dirtiest fossil fuels is expected to stagnate or diminish here in the U.S. So coal companies — particularly those that mine the vast reserves in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana — are looking for a new place to peddle their wares. They’ve found it in China.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies [Report from IEA]

Governments and taxpayers spent about half a trillion dollars last year supporting the production and consumption of fossil fuels,

Here’s A Good Look At Renewable Energy’s Impact


How Soon We Forget

Drilling has returned to near-normal levels in the Gulf. There are 23 rigs currently drilling wells in water deeper than 3,000 feet

Here’s Some Eye-Opening Stats On The Costs Of Fossil Fuels


“The lion’s share of human costs, however, comes not from accidents but from pollution, which makes fossilfuels the most dangerous form of energy generation..”