EV Stats Via McKinsey

In a report Monday, McKinsey listed “uncertainty around future adoption of hybrid/electric powertrain technology” as one of several challenges facing automakers and their suppliers in the coming years.

McKinsey said hybrids could account for up to a quarter of sales by 2020, with battery-powered cars making up 5 percent. But it said internal-combustion engines would dominate the industry through at least 2030. “The demand is in its infancy,”

Once again, the key thing to remember is where we are with the technology..of course the demand is in its infancy, we haven’t created the economies of scale to bring down costs.

More EV Infrastructure

Lowe’s will introduce the GE WattStation at five stores in California in August then increase availability to 60 total stores in September. The GE WattStation will also be available to consumers nationwide on Lowes.com in September.


Planning for Electric Cars

If public utilities do nothing and a million electric vehicles flood the market by 2015 — a target that President Obama has espoused — then the grid could become overloaded, possibly knocking out power to a home or even a neighborhood.

EV Sales From Nissan and Chevy

Since GM and Nissan, which makes the all-electric Leaf, started delivering their plug-in sedans about six months ago, auto industry watchers have been tracking the monthly sales totals, with both carmakers about even in total sales for the year to date, according to GreenCarReports.com.

A Yelp For EV Owners


Recargo aims to become a mobile app development studio whose products help the makers and drivers of electric vehicles, worldwide. Near-term Kariger hopes to get an Android app out, and to add traffic data to Recargo, to let driver plan their commutes more energy-efficiently.