A Fridge Is A Luxury In Some Places


“..simply because they require continuous, stable electricity to be effective.”

Green Is Selling Homes

Energy efficiency is, as one developer puts it, “the new granite countertop.” After all, no one asks what the payback period is for a countertop. Just as items that were once added to a new home or condo for an additional price are now standard, so too are energy-efficient equipment and design becoming standard features expected by the buyer or renter.

Cooling Big Houses Isn’t Very Efficient

Home Solar Power Discounts – One Block Off the Grid

Single-Family Suburban Homes And Climate Change

On the neighborhood level, an average household in a high-density urban San Francisco-area community produces 6 metric tons of carbon emissions a year from transportation and household heating. A single-family household in a nearby suburban area produces 21 metric tons.