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Quick Thoughts On Podio

We’re using Podio lately and I’ve been impressed so far. I wouldn’t classify it as a pure project management tool.It’s more of a hybrid, lying somewhere between socialCRM and an intranet. As others have mentioned, they’ll need to continue to grow an app ecosystem to really compete with some CRM and social platforms that provide overlapping functionality. Here’s a few observations.

  • Simple and’s clear they’ve thought through other’s shortcomings.

  • Timing is good. Building on last thought. You don’t always have to be first to market. Observe, iterate and roll-out incrementally.

  • As mentioned, its multi-genre capabilities give them an edge. Is it project management. Is it collaboration? Yes.

  • They benefit from the push for openness. Ultimately, it’ll be easier to integrate with 3rd-party stuff as API and Authentication and Identity protocols mature. My guess is you’ll see more off-the-shelf integrations with services like Dropbox, Evernote and apps for web-conferencing, curation, and mindmapping.

  • Cloud computing will also be an impetus. With IDC projecting cloud apps will steal 30% of the corporate software market by 2014, companies with a native SaaS strategy are already ahead.

    The bigger trend I think we’re all seeing is how these hybrid collaboration and project management tools have morphed recently to model Apple’s appstore. That’s clearly a big shift, and in a sense a double-edged sword. Those initial apps provide a lift for new users out of the gate, but expectations can be the albatross that weighs you down if you can’t scale quick enough.

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