The Cloud and Connected Thermostats


The application is a good example of how cloud computing can be coupled with connected smart devices to use energy more efficiently.

Forrester’s Predictions On The Personal Cloud


Forrester says that by 2016, 196 million U.S. consumers will be using a personal cloud service (“P Cloud”), of which 97 million will pay for the service, either via subscription or one-time purchase. They will revolve around Microsoft, Google and Apple.

We’ve Come A Long Way

“In thinking back to the way I’ve worked over the past twenty years, I am not going to miss taking my laptop back and forth to work. I’m not going to miss trying to sync files across multiple devices. I’m not going to miss upgrading software all the time. I’m not going to miss being anal retentive about backing up all my files. I’m not going to miss windows and windows networking. I’m not going to miss outlook, exchange, and blackberry exchange server. All of that was overhead that got in the way of being productive, mobile, and free and I’m so happy to be done with it.”


The Cloud is Like Email in the 1980’s

“Today cloud is like email in 1980s, it’s not interconnected and now you can’t interface between clouds,” Cerf said. “That will change as the same pressures that got to email to get to the cloud.”