The Secret To Impacting Climate Change Skeptics – Get In A Room And Turn Up The Thermostat

"Participants who responded in the heated cubicle believed global warming was more of a fact than those who responded in the control cubicle,” the researchers report."


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Cal Berkeley Study: Doom And Gloom Messages About Global Warming Aren’t Always The Best

Rally Against Coal

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I think the key is making sure you can break things down as they apply to people’s everyday experiences. If you can convey why driving less impacts someone’s pocketbook while also mentioning something like air quality, I doubt you’d get so much doom and gloom feedback.

"The scarier the message, the more people who are committed to viewing the world as fundamentally stable and fair are motivated to deny it," agreed Matthew Feinberg, a doctoral student in psychology and coauthor of the study. But if scientists and advocates can communicate their findings in less apocalyptic ways, and present solutions to global warming, Willer said, most people can get past their skepticism.

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Take A Different Approach With The Green Message

The Guardian’s Ben West makes a good point. Focus the conversation around the day-to-day things in people’s lives that can make an impact. While I do care about the withering glaciers, it’s easier to reach me with a simple message encouraging me to think before grabbing my keys every morning.

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Campaigners should focus on things people care about, not polar bears and melting ice caps

A mother polar bear and her cub sleep near the ice outside Churchill, Canada

There’s another message we need to be much clearer on. Caring about climate change and moving beyond oil is about taking society forwards, not holding us back. It’s the price of your train ticket, the story of the former miner in south Wales with black lung disease, the reality of regions of the world torn apart by oil conflicts and of communities devastated by oil spills.

Action on climate change has the potential to mean a safer, cleaner and yes, more prosperous future for everyone – not just those who can afford locally sourced chicken and organic soya lattes.



The Pro-Climate Change Collective — 3,000 Businesses Create New Ad for Climate Change Action

CleanTechnica had details recently on how businesses large and small have banded together to get climate change on the front-burner in Washington.

American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) and other businesses outside of these organizations have created a new national advertising campaign to push for swift action on this important legislation.

It’s no coincidence that big oil and chemical companies aren’t represented. But you can bet they’re mobilizing their own lobbyists and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a counter ad campaign soon. Let’s hope this continues to move forward with vigor.