Coulomb Technologies Lets You Reserve An EV Charge

“The ChargePoint Network now makes available the ease, when planning a road trip, to select a destination, get driving directions and reserve a charging station, all from an online browser: This new system allows EV drivers the convenience of ensuring their desired fueling destination will always be available when they arrive. ChargePoint search results also reflect actual “real-time” status of any available charging station on the ChargePoint Network.”


The CleanWeb

“Web technologies are not only letting people telecommute and cutting down on paper–thus reducing greenhouse emissions and saving trees–they’re also letting us get more efficient use out of buildings, cars, and everyday objects.

That’s according to Sunil Paul, founder of Spring Ventures, who spoke at the GreenNet conference yesterday about how the so-called “CleanWeb” can enable services that reduce the carbon footprint of our lifestyles.”


Secretary Chu On The Cleantech Race

“Just because we lost the lead doesn’t mean we can’t get it back,” he said. “We still have the opportunity to lead the world in clean energy and capture the jobs of the 21st century, but time is running out. It is a race and the train is leaving the station.”


The Similarities Between The EV and Organic Food Industry

“In comparison Crane pointed to the organic food industry, which he said was in the same place in the early 90′s that the electric car industry is in today. In 1992 organic food was ignored by the global super market businesses, said Crane, but today organic food makes up some 12 percent of overall super market food sales; “12 percent of an enormous industry is an enormous number.”