No Such Thing As “Rush Hour”

The 2011 Urban Mobility Report [PDF] came out yesterday, and one of its clearest conclusions is that “rush hour” is a terrible misnomer. The hour of congestion at the start and close of the average workday can expand to about six hours in some large metro areas.

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Investments In Smart Cities: $40B In Five Years

according to a new report from ABI Research. Smart cities technology is an $8.1 billion market today and in five years, expect that market to grow to almost five times that size, reaching $39.5 billion, the report says.

Denser Cities, Higher Productivity?

Economists studying cities routinely find that after controlling for other variables, workers in denser places earn higher wages and are more productive. Some studies suggest that doubling density raises productivity by around 6 percent while others peg the impact at up to 28 percent.

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