Our Home Energy Challenge — Researching The Smart Grid

Agilewaves - real-time alerts, instant cost tracking, and pro-active monitoring allow you to track and reduce your carbon footprint.I ran across this web dashboard from Agilewaves this morning while doing some smart meter research. We’re prepping for a move to Austin, buying a 50’s bungalow we’re planning to make highly green. 

One of the first things we’re addressing is energy consumption – and a good place to start is by looking at what sort of smart meter we’ll have. But we’re learning that it’s not just what type, but also what it can do and how we can extend its capabilities. There’s obviously going to be some constraints, but we’ve decided that  if it doesn’t meet our needs, we’ll figure out how make it adapt.

I doubt we’ll have a web-based portal like AgileWaves provides, since Austin Energy likely has agreements with hardware providers that can integrate with their newer meters. Next step is to reach out Austin Energy and get more info..unfortunately I didn’t see much information on their website.

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