Prepping For Gas at $5 a Gallon

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The notion of gas at more than $4 a gallon is real folks. A few summers ago, people were having a hard time commuting to their jobs because of exorbitant  fuel costs.

We’re making adjustments to our lifestyle that reduce dependencies on vehicles. What are you doing?

“Companies need to plan for the long-term, both from an emissions and cost perspective. As we move into the next buying cycle for corporate fleet vehicles, companies should be asking themselves, “What fleet do I want in 2014, 2015 and 2016?” Even if $5 a gallon gas is not likely, there is a risk of high and sustained prices over the coming years. I, for one, would not want to have to ask the CFO to double my fuel budget and not be able to articulate the comprehensive, multi-year plan that was already in place to mitigate our exposure to historic fuel prices.”

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The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles Are Moving Away From Fossil Fuels

This says a lot about the city of Philadelphia’s commitment to clean energy, as well as its strategy moving forward. What better to move the mindset of citizens than with the home team. That’s the best kind of peer pressure. Go Eagles.

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“The Eagles held a press conference on Thursday morning to announce their partnership with Solar Blue, a joint venture that will make Lincoln Financial Field the first major sports stadium in the world to convert to self-generated renewable energy using a combination of onsite wind, solar and dual-fuel generated electricty.”

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IT Spending On Electric Vehicles (EVs) To Reach Almost $400 Million By 2015

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It’s not all doom and gloom for IT budgets, you just have to look outside traditional areas. Pike Research thinks electric vehicles will be one of the sparks that ignites information technology spending over the next few years. Their figures seem very plausible, especially when including utilities and charging infrastructure.

“Pike Research’s recent report Electric Vehicle Information Technology Systems projects that investments in EV IT (spanning utilities, automakers, and charging equipment, and everything in between) in the U.S. will reach $371.9 million in 2015.”

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