Mosquito Blocker That’s Solar-Powered

Just in time for the Texas summer and the arrival of the dreaded mosquito. I’m not sure about the chemical Linalool, but it’s been approved by the USDA and rumored to be more effective than Deet and Citronella. At just over $10 in the states, I can this moving off the shelves.

"This Mosquito Blocker using a solar panel built into the top of its design to charge the rechargeable batteries allowing them to power the device after dusk. The Blacker uses a chemical called Linalool that was developed in cooperation with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This chemical has been shown to be twice as effective as DEET and even more significantly better than Citronella oil which both work to deter mosquitoes by stopping them from being able to track human scent. "




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