iPhone Wind Energy App Amplifies How Data-Driven Models Win

Vestas wind turbine, Dithmarschen.

Wind turbine manufacturers have data. Lots of data. So what do you do with all that data? Serve your customers of course.
Vestas, one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, is doing just that.

The company has just released an iPhone app that helps its customers receive tailored weather reports and wind generation forecasts.

“The Vestas Weather app knows where your iPhone is, of course, and based on that info it calculates how much energy one of its V112 3MW turbines (yes, one of its newest products) would generate, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide it would keep out of the atmosphere."

via cleantechnica.com

Moves like this really underscore the importance of data to businesses. Data-driven journalism, data-driven government, the list goes on. Organizations are finally waking up and realizing the goldmine of information that exists right in their own backyards. It’s the ones that can develop a keen sense of how to put it to use for customers that are breaking away from  the pack.

The next step for Vestas’ approach could be to mashup its data with other turbine manufacturers like Siemens. With information like that in hand, a customer community could easily spring to life.



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