Creative way to build a chicken coop

Creative Way To Build A Coop

Cart Coop | SpontaneousInterventions.

Here’s An Upcycled Vent Hood We Used For A Planter


The Rain Barrels Arrived

We picked these up from some friends of ours on the East Side of Austin. They used to be food-grade storage barrels, but now we’re doing the rain dance! We’re probably going to paint them, but before that, we’re planning to drill some holes and add a spigot for irrigation. Stay tuned.

Rain Barrels

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Screening In The Chickens

We found a screen door at Austin’s Restore to close in our side yard where we keep the chickens. It’s a little wonky, but better than the piece of plywood we were using before.

$10 and functioning. Win.


Old Crates Can Be Used For All Sorts Of Things

MAKE | Lighting Fixture from Crate Wood.

The Gypsy Cart Chicken Coop May Be The Ticket


Our Austin Fence Made From Salvage, Reclaimed, and Locally Sourced Materials

We’ll probably cut the jagged edges off the top and frame with more
metal. I think I’ll miss the jaggedness though. Let us know if you’re interested in some of the details. We’re working with a really good designer on the East side of Austin.