The Chevrolet Volt Has A New Source For Plastic

Talk about a case of revenge for the electric car. Todd Woody filed a Reuters report yesterday that outlined a plan GM has put in motion to recapture some of the oil-contaminated plastics lingering in the Gulf. According to the story, GM will have enough plastic to supply parts for a year’s worth of Chevy Volts.  That’s the kind of scale around a reuse strategy that needs to be publicized. It also makes the absence of a reuse mentality in our personal lives seem almost absurd.



Axion Installs Plastic Rail Road Bridge

120 Ton Locomotive successfully crosses Axion's RSC RR BridgeHow’s this for applying recycled plastics in the real world? Axion International says a Virginia bridge was built using 100% recycled plastic. This one sounds a little stronger than the LEGO version we have at home.

The bridges, designed by Parsons Brinckerhoff, utilize Axion’s patented Recycled Structural Composite (“RSC”) a thermoplastic solution consisting of nearly 100% recycled post-consumer and industrial plastic. Initial field test results confirm design criteria requirements.