Lack Of Knowledge Is Still A Stumbling Block For Energy Conservation

Ford Focus Electric (Photo credit: George Dearing)

Even though we’re buying more efficient light bulbs these days, a new poll shows Americans are still in the dark when it comes to saving energy.

Here’s a few highlights from the research, funded by a grant to the AP-NORC Center from the Joyce Foundation.

“Only 1 in 3 reports knowing a lot or a great deal about the government’s Energy Star product labels, which are meant to help consumers choose energy-efficient appliances and other products. Even fewer, 25 percent, report detailed knowledge about fuel- efficiency standards for cars. Not even 20 percent know a lot or a great deal about rebates for energy-saving products, home renovation tax credits or home energy audits.”

And what about this one.

“About 6 in 10 people cite lack of knowledge about energy-saving products as a major reason they don’t do more to conserve.”

But it won’t be solely in the hands of individuals, states are taking their own actions by setting energy efficiency standards for all sorts of devices.

via Daily Planning News.

Pike Research Shows The Relationship Between “Tech Geeks” & “Cleantech Nerds”

Pike Research surfaced some interesting data after compiling information from some its surveys. The aggregate showed there’s a strong connection between tech early adopters and cleantech users, which isn’t too surprising as even cleantech is starting to see shades of ‘consumerized IT’. I’d guess that’s why the smart grid and smart meter percentages are fairly close.


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