Beautiful Day for the Austin Fermentation Festival 2018

After so much rain over the last few weeks, it was great to see the sun again on Sunday. We spent some time at the Fermentation Festival in the Seaholm District near downtown.

There were also workshops being held throughout the day at the Austin Public Library, which is a world-class facility if you haven’t been. All in all it was a well-attended event with a lively mix of fermented food and drink vendors. The samples were top-notch!

The Argument For A National Food Policy

Why the Next President Will Need a National Food Policy

Some Staggering Stats On Food Waste

American consumers, manufacturers and retailers let 60m tonnes of food go to waste in 2010; in the European Union nearly 90m tonnes are spoiled annually. According to the United Nations the developed world wastes almost as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces in a given year. Unsurprisingly, startups are lining up to tackle this “market”.

via Food waste: Reusing refuse | The Economist.