Creative way to build a chicken coop

Creative Way To Build A Coop

Cart Coop | SpontaneousInterventions.

Sun Ovens Can Be Mobile Too

I met with one of the more interesting early-stage startups I’ve ran across this morning in East Austin. They’re nestled in a heavily wooded lot that’s a maker’s paradise.  More to come on that, but here’s one of the more creative schematics: a sun oven mounted on a bicycle.

A Shipping Container Makes A Good Bike Corral



The Eco Toilet Recycles Water From The Washbasin

We’ve been exploring options for toilets for a while. We’ll probably do a composting toilet for our backyard space, but incorporating a design like  this could also work in an outhouse-ish design.


Eco Toilet:

Leap Adaptive Shows What You Can Do With Less Than 500 Sq. Ft.

Our Austin Fence Made From Salvage, Reclaimed, and Locally Sourced Materials

We’ll probably cut the jagged edges off the top and frame with more
metal. I think I’ll miss the jaggedness though. Let us know if you’re interested in some of the details. We’re working with a really good designer on the East side of Austin.

The Coyote Fence Is Coming Together

It’s locally sourced with sustainable wood products.