Creative way to build a chicken coop

Creative Way To Build A Coop

Cart Coop | SpontaneousInterventions.

Sun Ovens Can Be Mobile Too

I met with one of the more interesting early-stage startups I’ve ran across this morning in East Austin. They’re nestled in a heavily wooded lot that’s a maker’s paradise.  More to come on that, but here’s one of the more creative schematics: a sun oven mounted on a bicycle.

A Shipping Container Makes A Good Bike Corral



The Eco Toilet Recycles Water From The Washbasin

We’ve been exploring options for toilets for a while. We’ll probably do a composting toilet for our backyard space, but incorporating a design like  this could also work in an outhouse-ish design.


Eco Toilet:

Leap Adaptive Shows What You Can Do With Less Than 500 Sq. Ft.