Here’s An Old Bike Rim We Put To Use

We found this bike rim and sprocket at a charity sale a few months back and finally put it to use.ย Someone had already added a piece to the sprocket, so all we had to do was add an S-hook and screw it in to the kitchen cabinet. Not bad for a few bucks!

Finishing Up The Fence

We fenced in our yard about a year ago and now we’re closing in the side areas for a little more privacy and usability. We continued the rough cedar look on both sides, but added some old cabinet doors (pictured) we tore out of the garage. ย They blend pretty well with the cedar, which is actually considered a waste product because it’s the part of the wood that isn’t milled.

It’s obviously cheaper too! Speaking of price, the only out-of-pocket expense (besides our contractor) was some bags of concrete used for the posts. And half of the eight posts were reclaimed wood laying near the back of our garage. We’ve learned to stay disciplined with any materials around the house and yard. There’s always a way to integrate..stay focused and creative. We’ll be creating a gate on the other side so stay tuned!