Do Sustainability Investments Lead To Stronger Financials?

Gerrit Heyns at Harvard Business Review points us to some interesting data showing linkages between resource efficiency and financial performance. The comment thread brings up some good points too, especially as it relates to causality.

“What these findings suggest is that an investment strategy based on resource efficiency not only produces returns in excess of global benchmarks, it also identifies management teams that are forward thinking, aware of the economic imperatives brought about by resource constraint.”

E&Y Report Says CFOs Are Paying Attention To Sustainability

DSC_0252 If you’re tracking social responsibility, there’s no question it’s shaking up the c-Suite. Companies are waking up to the fact that everyone in the organization will be held accountable for a company’s actions, from the board room to the factory line. The CFO’s increasing presence tells me organizations are getting smarter about embedding CSR in the day-to-day.

“The report said that customers increasingly want to know that a company’s distribution model has a low carbon footprint; that its procurement policies take “fair trade” issues into account; and that its supply chain uses alternative energy sources.”