AWEA Report Confirms The Winds Are Changing


This past week, the American Wind Energy Association released data showing wind power continues to gain momentum.
The New York Times’ Green Inc. blog had some figures from the report, showing Texas and Iowa leading other states in terms of new capacity.

• Thirty-six states boast large-scale wind projects.
• Texas remained the wind leader with 9,405 megawatts installed.
• Iowa, the No. 2 state in wind capacity, obtains 14.2 percent of its electricity from turbine farms.
• By displacing fossil fuel power plants, which use water for cooling, wind farms saved an estimated 15 billion gallons of water in 2009.

The other thing that caught my eye was the reference to the electric grid. As transmission lines continue to progress, the smart grid becomes even more important as the power to run the wind turbines can be more effectively partitioned to scale up and down as needed.

It’s no wonder there’s so much venture capital pouring into smart grid technologies and power management.

“The inadequacy of the nation’s electric grid is a major impediment to the continued growth of the wind industry..”

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